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Get Cheat Codes

Here are how you unlock the cheat codes menu's.

1. beat the high scores on the classic arcade games in the Fur Fighter Village.
2. beat ALL the bosses including GENERAL VIGGO,and then go back to each boss as the correct charachter..

1.rescue Gwynth : Tweek
2.rescue Juanita : Rico
3.rescue Claude : Julliette
4.rescue Esmerelda : Bungalow
5.rescue Winnie and Mai: Roofus or Chang
6.VIGGO : Tweek

and you will GET a cheat. You don't have to fight the boss again, or exit the level properly, just go to the hub from the pause menu and you will still have the cheat.

Graphics for your PC

Insert CD into a PC CD-Rom and search for the hidden pictures

High scores

Collect all 100 tokens in any level. Re-enter the level and collect the large stopwatch, then race to the finish. If you are quick enough, you will be allowed to make an entry on the high score screen.

Mini-game bonuses

Beat the mini-game to unlock a bonus

Mini-game - Unlock
Balloon Lift - Small character
Bear Attack - Alternate voices
Block Puzzle - Rotation camera
Bomber Bear - Big head mode
Snake Classic - Rocket camera
Super Snake - Fish-eye

Thin mode

Successfully complete the Maze in Temple of Gloom to get very thin characters.

Unlock bonuses

Beat the boss to unlock a bonus

Beat - Unlock
Claude - Ammo Boost
Esmerelda - 3D Mode
Gwynth - Auto Aim
Juanita - Health to 100%
Viggo - Invincibility
Winnie and Mai - Bears 2x Tough

Unlock mini-games

Beat the boss to unlock a mini-game

Beat - Unlock
Claude - Balloon Lift
Esmerelda - Bear Attack
Gwynth - Block Puzzle
Juanita - Snake Classic
Viggo - Bomber Bear
Winnie and Mai - Super Snake

More Cheats & Tips...

   All Cheats & Tips for Dreamcast...
   All Cheats & Tips for All Systems...

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