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Balance rangers and mineral production

Make several of the cheapest rangers when a level begins. Keep your mineral production speed upgraded regularly. Do not send out too many rangers and not have enough minerals saved for later when stronger rangers are required. Conversely, do not increase your mineral production rate too much or you will not have sufficient rangers to protect your tower.

Daily bonuses

Depending on the day of the week, you may earn the following bonuses. The best tactic is to progress from Tuesday to Thursday, then level up on Friday.

Tuesday: Complete a stage for double experience points.
Wednesday: Complete a stage for double the chance of finding treasure.
Thursday: Complete a for double coins.
Friday: Combining rangers to level them up will give them double experience points.

Friendship points

You are awarded friendship points by helping and get helped by other players. You can earn a total of 80 friendship points per day.


Power-ups are purchased or won at the end of levels. You can select from four different power ups before a new level starts.

Freeze: Damages and freezes enemies in place.
Invincibility: Makes your tower and all your current rangers immune to damage for a short time.
Meteor: Rains meteors on enemies over a wide area.
Tornado: Pushes all enemies back to their tower.


Always try to time the random roulette selection at the end of the level to land on the rangers.

You can also obtain rangers through the Gacha machine by spending friend points or rubies.

Collecting all rangers in specific set will give you 5 rubies.

To level up your rangers, fuse extra rangers into your original ones. The surviving ranger will become stronger. If you combine a base ranger with the exact same type, the maximum level of the base ranger will increase. If you use a different kind of ranger, the base ranger will only receive experience up to their current maximum level.

Rangers have five different varieties. Make sure you keep a balance of each type.

Health: Very high HP and are useful as frontline fighters.
Attack: High attack power (usually ranged), but low HP.
Speed: High attack and movement speed.
Balance: Balanced health, attack and speed.
Splash: Have attacks that hit multiple targets in a small area.


Finding treasure happens randomly. Treasure is ranked from 1 to 3 stars and is part of a three piece set. When a treasure set is completed, it will create a new item that has passive bonuses.


The most important upgrades are production rate and max limit. Both will allow you to send out more rangers at a faster rate. Missile power is also useful, but Tower HP is not.

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