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Bonus Items

Level 2 - There are two bonus items that can be obtained in the second level down in the sewers. The first one is a heart-shaped locket found behind the skeleton in a sewer pipe on the left. The second one is a doll found in the grate on the far right in the sewers.

Level 3 - At the bottom left of the screen there is a switch. Once you get to it, use it twice so that the mug on the center of the screen will move. Just walk to it and you will get it. On the left side center you will see a rope and three ropes above it. Pull the bottom one and then quickly run up and pull the middle one, then the right one and then the left one. If you do it quickly enough, you will get an hourglass appear on the top.

Level 4 - There is a basket next to a pink-leafed tree. Click on the basket three times and you will get a bottle of medicine. Put the leaves in the barrow and, before talking with the gardner, inspect the barrow so you will get a wanted poster.

Level 5 - There is a boomerang that will appear on the left at the end of the puzzle when a UFO passes by. Turn the scarecrow to the left off and wait for the birds to appear. When they do, turn it back on and, as they fly away, you will a pen will drop for you to take.

Level 6 - On the far right, there is a trash bin with a flat ball you will need for the level. After you obtain it, check the bin again and you will find a green dress. Near the navigation arrow pointing to the left you will see an umbrella at the end of the puzzle.

Level 7 - In a pink room, just left of a pink ladder, you will see an ominous pile of skulls. Inspect it (after you've defeated the goblin king) and you will find a sock. At the bottom right there is a lever. Pull it twice and two barrels will start to flow to the left. Jump on them and you will be able to get the VHS tape at the far left.

Level 8 - You will need to saw the chain on the top right of the level to get through the puzzle. However, if you pull on it after, a polaroid camera will drop. If you move to the right of the chain you will see a pile. Rummage through it and you will find a hoverboard. Pick up the hook on the top left and then pull the chain. You will get a stuffed bear.

Level 9 - To get this item you need to use the magic wand on the fireplace in the center. There is a safe on the right and an object above it that will turn to a flower pot. Go right and read a blue buck. A rain cloud will appear and you will find a key in the pot. Use it to open the safe. Turn the painting on the second floor upside down and pull the cord on the right side of the same floor. An asteroid will appear, but to get it, you need to flip the painting back.

Level 10 - Go to the well and raise, lower and then raise the hook again without the bucket attached to get a conch shell. There is a tree hanging on the left side with three eggs on top of it. Open all three of them and then wait for a Furby to appear.

Level 11 - Load the cart in the cellar with two bags and place it on the center, so you can pick up the torch. If you search the box where you found sausages before again, you will find a colorful slinky.

Level 12 - On the top right, in a bush next to a tree, you will find a sword. When the creature on the top left (again next to a tree) disappears, use its hole to get to the bottom right, and then another hole to get to bottom left. There you will find a painting.

Level 13 - As soon as you climb down from your left, continue to the left and you will find a secret cave and a carpet in it. You will get the second item after you have done the underground puzzle. When you get back up, climb to the right and throw snowballs at the fox until it's all the way to the left. Then climb on the left and thrown snowballs again until she drops some chopsticks to the ground. Collect them.

Level 14 - The palm tree on the left hold a handheld mirror. Simply pull it and the object will drop. In the bush on the bottom right there is a thermos bottle that you can pick up.

Level 15 - As soon as you start the level, get to the bouncer on your right and he will throw you back. Do this two more times and a globe model will fall from the dumpster.

Various Gameplay Tips

When you pick up an item, look at everything in the level to see if you can use it

There are hidden items in every level for you to find.

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