Level names

Use one of the following entries with the map code

Location Level name

Julie's House fakkhouse
Julie's Training Area training
Eden Homes homes1
Landers Roost landersroost
Creeper Pens creeperpens
Eden Marketplace homes2good
Town Center towncenter_good
Eden Underground under
Eden Underground 2 over
Eden Shield Generator shield
Eden Market Under Siege home2evil
Otto's Shop otto
Towncenter Attacked towncenter_evil
Outskirts Of Eden cliff1
Eden Cliffside cliff2
Mooagly Swamps swamp1
Deep Mooagly Swamps swamp2
Swamps Confrontation swamp3
Billy Goats Gruff gruff
We Cemetery cemetery
The Wind Of Spirit fog
The Water Of Purity water
The Sanctity OF Blood blood
The Bridge Of Reason oracleway
Tomb Of The We oracle
Introduction sequence intro
End sequence end
Unknown gruff_cinema
Unknown zoo

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