Cheat mode

Type dipstick to enable cheat mode for the entire session or rav to enable cheat mode for only one attempt. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

Transform into a chicken cockadoodledoo
Level select engage
Ring of Invulnerability gimmea
Shadowsphere gimmeb
Quartz Flask gimmec
Mystic Urn gimmed
Tome of Power gimmee
Torch gimmef
Time Bomb of the Ancients gimmeg
Morph Ovum gimmeh
Wings of Wrath gimmei
Chaos Device gimmej
No weapons idkfa
Suicide iddqd
No clipping mode kitty
Full map map
Kill all enemies massacre
Full health ponce
God mode quicken
Full weapons and armor rambo
Cycle through map details ravmap
Toggle weapon power shazam
All keys skel
View frame rate ticker

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