Level Select

Pause game play and enter one of the following codes to start game play at the corresponding level.

Level Password
What the Heck? Press A, Right, A, C(2), Left, Right, A.
Snowman Press Right(3), A, C, Left, Right, B.
Evil the Cat Press Up, Down, Right, C(2), Left, Right, B.
Big Bruty Press C(3), Left(3), Right(2).
Down the Tubes Press Up, Down, Left(2), Up(3), Down.
Tube Race Press Up(2), Left(2), Down, Left, Up, C.
Snot a Problem Press C, B, C, Right(2), Left, A, B.
Snot a Problem 2 Press Up, B, C, Down(3), A, C.
Snot a Problem 3 Press A, Up, C, Up(2), Down, C, A.
Lab Press A, B(2), Down, Right(2), Left, Right.
Chicken Plummets Press A, B, C, Up, Down(3), Right.
Naked and Lovin' It Press C, A, C, Left, Right, Up, Down, Right.
For Pete's Sake Press A, B, C, A, B, A, Down, Right.
Andy Asteroids Press A, Left, A, C(3), B(2).
Andy Asteroids 2 Press C, Down, A(2), Down, B(2), Down.
Andy Asteroids 3 Press A, Down, Left, A, C(2), A, B.
Andy Asteroids 4 Press A, Down, A(2), C(2), A, B.
Andy Asteroids 5 Press A, Left, A, C(2), Down, Up, A.
Andy Asteroids 6 Press A, Right, A(2), Right, B, Up, A.
Intestinal Distress Press C(2), A, Right, Left, Right, B(2).
Who Turned Out the Lights Press A + C, B, Up, Left, Right(2), Left(2).
Who Turned Out the Lights 2 Press A, B, Up, B, Left, Right, C, Up.
Who Turned Out the Lights 3 Press A, B, C, Up, Left, A, Right(2).
Who Turned Out the Lights 4 Press A, C, Up, Left, C, Right, Left, B.
Who Turned Out the Lights 5 Press C, B, Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left.
Queen of Buttville Press A, C, Left, Right, B, Left(2).
Buttville Helicopter Press B(2), Down(2), A, Right(2), Down.
Psycrow Press C, B, Up, Down(2), Right, Down, Right.

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