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Collecting the third Pink Elebit

To capture the third Pink Elebit, do the following:

Mission 1: Appears if you clear the mission in 5 minutes or less.
Mission 5: Appears if you clear the mission with fewer than 3 loud noises.
Mission 10: Appears if you clear the mission with an 80% durability.

Hidden Elements

Hidden elements make the game have more restrictions, Or Help do other various things. Turn them on by going to "Elebits notes" in Extras mode.

Effect - Code

Alpha Wave Unit - Beat 15 Missions in Challenge Mode
Aroma Unit - Earn the Title "King of Surveillance" after beating the last boss.
Berserk Elebits - Earn the Title "King of Capture" after beating the last boss.
Extreme silence - Earn the title "King of Noise" After beating the last boss.
High power mode - Beat the third boss. Then watch the Cutscene at the beginning of the next level.
Limit Release(Strongest level Capture gun) - Beat 25 Challenge Missions.
Main unit only - Beat 5 Challenge Missions.
Permanent Homing laser(Deactivates Vacuum laser) - Beat 20 Challenge Missions.
Permanent Vacuum laser(Deactivates Homing laser) - Get 25 S ranks in Normal Mission.
Worn Capture Gun - Beat 10 Missions in Challenge Mode

Make Handling Easier

If you want to make it easier to handle all of the movable items in Elebits, move your sensor bar closer to your or move closer to your sensor bar as this will eliminate all shakiness and make it much easier for you to grab all those pesky Elebits!

New Mission Modes

You can unlock extra modes for every non-boss stage!

Unlockable - How to Unlock

Challenge Mission - Collect the 2nd pink Elebit
Eternal Mission - Collect all 3 pink Elebits
Score Attack - Collect the 1st pink Elebit

Rare Item

After defeating the third boss, find and collect the rare item in certain levels to unlock special abilities.

Unlockable - How to Unlock

Auto Repair System - Level 12
Camouflage Unit - Level 11
Capture Range Expansion - Level 20
Fixed Radar Unit - Level 3
Item Boost Unit - Level 18
Repair Unit - Level 6
Sensible Shoes - Level 8

Unlock a level in level editor

In order to unlock a level in level editor, you must rank a C or higher in it. If you rank a B or higher, you get a set of items corresponding to that level that can be used in any place.

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