Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

Copy other justsu or special techniques

Use Kakashi on single player mode or 2 player versus and use sharingan. Note: that you must use Copy Justsu and the opponent from the list must attack you using special technique or special justsu on you still on Copy Justsu. Battle these characters ( Kakashi cant copy all justsu):

1. Naruto (only the Uzumaki Barrage)
2. Sasuke(The fire style:flower justsu is still not tested)
3. Sakura (all of them)
4. Shikamaru (only the Shadow Possesion Justsu)
5. Rock Lee (only the Primary Lotus note if Rock Lee is in the brown skin and use the Hidden Ltus it will still be Primary Lotus) Note: If you battle the ones that are not on the list Kakashi will teleport if the opponents that are not on the list or on the list and not using special technique like punch,kick,etc. and the ones that are not on the list and use special justsu Kakashi will still teleport. I'll get more info. Soon.

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