Valkyrie Profile

Hidden Items

Some characters in the game once obtained have special items. some are significant like Arngrim's Dragon Slayer. Some are as useless as Lleweyn's goddess pendant. Here is a list on some that you can obtain:

Arngrim- Return to his bedroom to obtain the Dragon Slayer
Janus- Return to his home to receive the raven slayer
Belenus- Enter Asaka's bedroom to obtain the crushed flower
Mystina- enter her room to get the Infinity rod
Kashell- to obtain his sword return to the Camille cemetary.
Badrach- talk to the little girl in the Camille church to obtain the woven bandana
Yumei- return to the beach at Hai Lan to get the cerulean lapis
Nanami- enter the Dragon God's palace and return to the shrine she met Minayo at to receive the DragonBane sword
Lleweyn- Return to the forest where he last hugged his girlfriend to recieve the Goddess pendant.

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