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Find the first egg

When you have completed the archery section of the first level you will cross a bridge climb onto the part of the ledge near a stone bridge overhead. When you are on thhe ledge goto the far side, now pick up the egg and carry on with the level.

Fury Mode

To unlock "Fury Mode" go to the ingame pause menu and hold L1,L2,R1,R2 all at the same time, then enter Square, Square, Circle, Circle.


Hold L1, L2, R1, R2 & tap Triangle, Square, X, Circle to become immune to attacks.

Secret Eggs Unlockables

There are 16 Secret Eggs to be found in the game, one for each level of the game. Whenever you find a secret egg, it will unlock one of the following items. And the unlockables are unlocked in the following order, regardless of which egg you've found first.

Effect - Code

Bonus Level: Throne Room Find Secret Egg # 16
Commentary - Art Direction Find Secret Egg # 03
Commentary - Birth of a Game Find Secret Egg # 04
Commentary - Design Find Secret Egg # 02
Commentary - Edward John Speleers Find Secret Egg # 01
Commentary - Evolution of Games Find Secret Egg # 14
Commentary - Garrett Hedlund Find Secret Egg # 13
Commentary - Orchestra Find Secret Egg # 06
Commentary - Robert Carlyle Find Secret Egg # 11
Commentary - Saphira Find Secret Egg # 07
Commentary - Sienna Guillory Find Secret Egg # 08
Commentary - Sound Effects Find Secret Egg # 12
Concept Art - Beor & Varden Find Secret Egg # 15
Concept Art - Characters Find Secret Egg # 09
Concept Art - Gil'ead Find Secret Egg # 10
Concept Art - Spine, Carvahall & Daret Find Secret Egg # 05

Unlock Throne Room

Find all of the hidden eggs in the game at any difficulty.

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   All Cheats & Tips for PlayStation 2...
   All Cheats & Tips for All Systems...

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