Astal doll & Magic filler uppe...
   Full bird meter...
   Level Select...
   Replenish Life...
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Astal doll & Magic filler upper

In almost every single level of Astal, (except the bosses), there is a star, such as the one Jason Martinez was descibing. There is one near the end of the first level, close to where the monsters that shoot arrows at you.In the cave, there is one on the high platform near the ending. In the deep forest, there is one on a crystal platform where one of yhe purple pig-like monsters were. There is one in the river of dreams, such as Jason told you, and there is one when you reach volcanic valley. It is on the hill-like area just before the volcano shoots rocks at you. In the sea of clouds, when you reach an area with aloy of pink moving crystals, there is a blue cystal platform high up, and there is a spikey creature and there is one there. I have not found the ones in Glacial rift of the crystal palace, but in the plains of destiny, right after the first giant bug-like thing passes you, pound on the ground and go back to where the bug-thing was and there will be one th!
ere. I'm not sure if it is true or not, but right after you get the star and your magic is full, try whistling to your bird to get a pear and most of the times I have tried it, the bird has given me a shining Astal figurine, which fills up all of you health and magic.

Full bird meter

After you beat the level after THE EVIL EYE. You must get through the last crystal flowers.Thats what I call them. When you see the green thing. There will be a fish .You will need to hold down the down button and press the B button and then you will see one or two sparkling thing fall down. When you get it your bird meter fully charge up.


Pause the game at any point and enter D,Y,L,A,D,B,R,C.

Level Select

Go to the OPTIONS screen.
Use the SECOND controller and press L,R,L,R,U,D,LS,RS,S.
The words SECRET MODE should appear at the top of the screen.
Now go back to the TITLE screen and press U,D,L,R,LS,RS,A,Y,C,Z,B,X.
You can now choose your starting level.

Replenish Life

Pause the game at any point and press ,RS,U,LS,X,A,Y,B,Z,C,R,L.
Now unpause the game for full life.

Secret Mode

Go to the OPTIONS SCREEN and on the 2nd controllerm press L,R,L,R,U,D,L,R,S.
You can now change your lives up to 99.

Self Kill

Pause the game at any point and press LS,A,RS,C,B.

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