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General Strategy

Use collective up and down to do "nap-of-the-earth" flying. Staying close to the ground makes it harder for enemies to hit you and ground targets to spot you in their radar.

God Mode

At the PRESS START screen do these steps carefully!

1. Press and HOLD A, press and HOLD B, press and HOLD C
2. Then, release C, release B, release A.
3. And then DO this: B, A, B, Y, HOLD X, Up, HOLD Down, release X, release Down.
4. A voice should say "you are on the wrong team".

The above 3 codes are from Emperor Cybersurfer

Level Skip

At the PRESS START screen do this VERY CAREFULLY!

1. Press and HOLD C, press and HOLD B, press and HOLD A, press and HOLD Up, press and HOLD L(shift).
2. Then, release A, release C, release L(Shift), release Up.
3. A voice should say "Blackhole engaged"
4. During the game press and HOLD A+B+C+Up+L(shift) to advance Or HOLD X+Y+Z+Up+L(shift) to go back.

Reload / Refuel

1. At the PRESS START screen enter L(shift), A, Z, Y, A, Down, Down
2. Then simply PAUSE / UNPAUSE during game to refuel and reload.


Follow your mission, listen to the instructions. Complete the mission. Remember, there are bonus targets on levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. There will be a purple dot on your radar, when you complete the bonus mission, you will get an extra life.

View Animation Sequence

At the Title Screen:

1. Press (Start)
2. Then Z, A, Z, A, B, A, B, Y, C, A, C, A 3. It will now play the FMV Screens.

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