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Best Ending

Here's how to get the best ending.

1.When Asuka is coming towards Shinji, answer "It isn't the case, Kensuke" (second choice)
2.Answer the first choice
3.Answer "Look at the transfer student" (first choice)
3.Answer "Look at the transfer student in the swimming pool" (second choice)
4.During the pause, answer "Go to library" (first choice)
5.In the library, answer "Help transfer student to pick up books" (second choice)
6.Answer the first choice after touching Mayumi's hand.
7.In the Entry Plug, answer "Looking at Misato" (third choice)
8.Answer "Fight short range attack" (first choice)
9.Purposely lose to the enemy in this battle, then you will automatically detect the presence 10.of transfer student and will automatically pick her up. After picking transfer student up,defeat the Angel.
11.Answer "I understand" when Misato tells you to go to school (second choice)
12.When you are in your bed, answer "I cannot forget today's battle" (first choice)
13.Then answer third choice If everything is correct, Shinji should think of the transfer student instead of his father when he turns to the side.
14.In the morning, answer "Go to NERV HQ" (first choice)
15.When you meet the transfer student, answer "You really like books a lot?" (sorry, cannot remember which choice it is)
16.Answer "I frequently read books" (second choice) If everything is correct, you shall see Mayumi feeling throbbing sound in her stomach.
17.In the classroom, if Asuka tells you to answer for her, answer the third choice. You may have Shinji being tested; in this case, you have nothing to do, Mayumi will answer for you.
18.When Touji and Kensuke ask you to choose a singer, answer "Invite Mayumi as singer" (first choice)
19.Answer the second choice. Mayumi should join you. After that, you will see Mayumi dreaming.
20.Answer the first choice when Asuka says she can defeat the Angel all by herself.
21.Choose "Long range attack" (second choice) If everything is correct, the Angel should attack the school during the battle.
22.In the anime scene where Shinji is waiting for repairs, Mayumi will come to Shinji, and tell him to kill her; answer the first choice. During the battle, you will see Mayumi trying to commit suicide.

Change The Background

While you're playing, connect a joypad to 2 Player slot and press L, R, start button together. If you succeeded, you'll notice that the picture has been changed.

Happy Ending

Here's how to receive the 'happy' ending complete with unique credit sequence:

1) Answer 'It isn't the case, Kensuke.' (2nd choice)
2) Answer 1st choice
3) Answer 'Look at the transfer student.' (1st choice)
4) Answer 'Look at the transfer student' (2nd choice)
5) Answer 'Goto library' (1st choice)
6) Answer 'Help transfer student pick up her books.' (2nd choice)
7) Answer 1st choice
8) Answer 'Look at Misato.' (3rd choice)
9) Answer 'Short range attack.' (2nd choice)
10) Lose the battle then you will pick up Megumi and move her away from the battlefield. After moving her, win the battle.
11) Answer 'I understand.' (1st choice)
12) Answer 'I cannot forget today's battle.' (1st choice)
13) Answer 3rd choice
14) Answer 'Go to NERV HQ.' (1st choice)
15) Answer 'You really like books a lot, eh?' (1st choice)
16) Answer 'I read alot of books.' (2nd choice)
17) If Asuka asks you to answer for her, select choice 'C.' If not, skip to the next step.
18) Answer 'Invite Megumi to sing.' (1st choice)
19) Answer 2nd choice
20) Answer 1st choice
21) Answer 'Long range attack' (1st choice)
22) Answer 'Do not kill Megumi.' (1st choice)

Skip Cinematic Scenes

At the "Press Start" screen, press C, A, R, R, Y, A, L, L on Controller One. You can now skip past cinemas you've already seen.

Skip FMV Scenes

To skip all FMV scenes in the game enter the following code at the title screen:


To skip each FMV sequence individually, press the start button as they begin.

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