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   Alternate Outfit...
   Full Energy Meters In Vs Mode...
   Full Super Gauge...
   Infinite Combo On Apocalypse S...
   Mech-Gouki NOW! Mode...
   Play As Same Player ...
   Reverse Fighters...
   Secret character...
   Secret Characters...

Alternate Outfit

Highlight Chun-li on the character selection screen, then hold START and push any button.

Full Energy Meters In Vs Mode

By completing the game once, an option for 'Full Life Meters' in "Vs. Mode" should appear on the options screen.

Full Super Gauge

To get unlimited Supers you must complete the game on any setting withuot losing a single round. After you go through the final credits go to the Options Menu and set the Super Combo Gauge to "FULL".

Infinite Combo On Apocalypse Stage

Once you get to the Apocalypse stage, you can get an infinite combo with any player. All you do is keep hitting the probes that fire lasers at you.

Once you hit them, the combo meter does not go off until you hit Apocalypse himself. Once you hit Apocalypse, the combo meter goes away and says "marvelous" or "good".

Mech-Gouki NOW! Mode

1. Win the Arcade Mode and the Survival Mode once.
2. Highlight Survival Mode.
3. Hold "R" or "L".
4. Some words will appear says "Mech-Gouki NOW!"
5. Press any button.

Play As Same Player

To use the same player consecutively, simply complete the game once, save it, and you will now be able to select the same player twice.

Reverse Fighters

Any time the "Vs." screen appears (the one that shows pictures of the four combatants), hold ALL of the punch and kick buttons until the fight loads.

Your fighters will now be reversed (if you pick Ryu as your first and Chun-Li as second, Chun-Li will be the one who begins the fight). They also have new animations.

Secret character

Go to survial mode and complete it. Then complete arcade mode then go to akuma hold start.repeat the process.

Secret Characters

To access these characters simply go to their designated characters, then hold Start and press any button. The designated characters are as follows:

Armor Spidey: Spiderman
Shadow Charlie: Dhalsim
U.S. Agent: Vega (Bison)
Mega Sakura: Hulk
Mega Zangief: Blackheart
Mephisto: Omega Red

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