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Beat the game the fastest way

To beat the game without going to any of the other ages, turn all of the switchboxes ON. Then, return to the first one switchbox(the one on the dock) and turn it off. It should open up, and you will see a white page. Take the page to the Library, and go to the bookcase. Look at the book on the far right of the middle shelf. Turn to pattern 158. Jot it down, so you don't forget it. Go over to the fireplace, enter, turn around, and close it. On the gray screen in front of you, enter in code 158, and flip the switch. The fireplace will then turn around. In front of you, you will see a green book, a red page, and a blue page. Touch the white page to the green book, and you will have beaten the game. The red and blue pages are the final pages to the red and blue books.

Cheat Codes

"Making of Myst" - The Movie: On the title screen, hold L and R and press A and START.


In the D'ni Age there is a mosaic of a person's face on the tile floor. It is of Chuck Carter, one of the graphics designers for the game.

Solving a Puzzle in the Mechanical Age

In the Mechanical Age, there is a puzzle with four small pictures. Here is their correct order:

A circle cutout.
A triangle, rectangle and triangle in succession.
Three adjacent triangles.
A half-circle.

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