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Batlum - Big Arena and Maze

Batlum is a hidden town that is only accessible with the White Ray. Fly over the west coast until you see a town with a stone building at the end and land there (place the bird's shadow over the town and press [A]). In Batlum you can pick up some weapons, fight in a special arena, and try your hand at the "Maze of Trials" (watch out for holes in the floor!).


The town of Natis is plagued by a sinister cult, which has kidnapped local girl Mellidi. You can rescue her:

1. Go to Natis and check the bulletin board.
2. If the board has a message asking for adventurers to rescue Mellidi, go to the last house on the right and inquire. You may have to have the White Ray to do this.
3. If you agree to the job you'll be transported to the sinister cult's lair.
4. Kick butt and rescue the girl!

Other Stuff

1. When flying with the White Ray you can press the X,Y & Z buttons for different views.
2. Those "Ball +" are very useful in a pinch.
3. Raiko's MGA STR can pick off 4 enemies at once if you stand in the center of them! This makes for a quick victory when attacked by bandits...

Things you may miss

These actions are not needed to complete the game, but if you (like me) like to see everything you can in an RPG (as opposed to finishing as fast as possible) you may want to check them out.

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