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Clear Picture of CD-Change Screen

When you reach the point where you have to change the CD press and hold X-Y-Z to get a clear view of the picture.

Control Text Speed

To speed up or slow down the lengthy in-game cinemas (not the computer-rendered ones) hold down the R button to speed up the talking or the L button to slow it down.

D Unit Locations

Above Excavation Site - Access the birds (you have to kill the Arachnoth first)
Valley/Canyon Deep Gulch - inside a tunnel
Garil Desert - Worm Lair
Garil Oasis - Blue Ruins
Uru - Sunken Southern Ruins - next to the entrance
Uru - Deep North
Underground Ruins of Uru - B4F - needs Dragon
Underground Ruins of Uru - B2F North - needs Dragon
Inside the Forest of Zoah
Inside the Forest of Zoah
Tower - 14F North
Tower - 14F North - right next to D unit 11

Easier Fights

To defeat bossses that cannot be harmed a lot from your gun or your dragon's wepon, turn your spiritualality up to max leaving your attack down to 0. Then use put a shield around yourself(after this is done you can turn your agility all the way up if you want) Anyway, after you have turned your spirit up cast a lot of berzerk attacks and now that your shield is up, you cannot be hurt and your berzerk attacks will cost less BP and be stronger!

Extra Berzerk - Astral Phantoms

To get Astral Phantoms all you have to do is treat your Dragon right. Every time you're at a camp, make sure you either pet or smile at him. After a while, maybe by disc 3, you're dragon will learn it. Never ignore him, and every time you go to camp, if he's sleeping, wait until morning, pet him, then leave.

Free Dyne

When you first go to visit Paet, there should be a man standing in the open area next to where Paet is working on his ship. Talk to him. When you get the pass to the Holy District, and have talked to Vaimen, go to the area behind the church, you'll see the same man from the Liberal District. Talk to him, and he will give you 2,000 Dyne.

Free Health In Battles

In any battle with any opponent, let all three of your attack bars charge up to full. If you leave all three bars charged, after a while either your HP or BP will start charging until it reaches the max.

Funny and Secret Items/Words

When in the Village/Town of Zoah you can go to the bar(blue doors)in the Liberal District. At day time or at night, while there, go to the upstairs floor of the bar of illuminating drinks. A table in the lower left-hand section of the room will read "They Killed Kenny" when accessed. This is an obvious joke about the cable show "South Park" that the translators decided to put in.

Another secret is in the same village. At night find the well near Paet, The mechanic. When you access the well it will ask if you wish to enter. Go down, you come to an area with a dorr next to the other end of the well. Go in and talk to the boy camping in the well. After a few messages he will give your a ring that someone gave to him. You do not need it so go to the item shop and sell it. You get a lot of money for it so you can stock up on life elixers(life ups) and other necesities.

Hidden Uru Levels

If you return to the URU UNDERGROUND RUINS, take your dragon to BF2 and fly to the dragon chamber which is located at the top of the map. In front of the chamber door is a hole. You can enter the hole, taking you to level B?F. On this level you will have to leave the dragon and use a floater, but you will be able to go to 4 chambers where you can get armor chip(x3), shield chip(x3), power chip (x3), and speed chip(x3).

The only problem is that the only way to get out is to go down the hole at the end of the shaft. the hole takes you to BF3. You will end up going down one path, collect your item, go down the hole to BF3, take the elevator up to BF2, go back down the hole to B?F, switching from the dragon to the floater, and go down another path(I think you'll catch on after that).

One path will take you to a hole that leads to B??F. From here you can collect a bone slasher, three dual blast chips, an olfactory lobe, and a beserk maxis. After collecting everything your dragon will need, you can leave to coninue your adventure.

Higher Rewards

If you have made it to disk 3, and you have received the pass that gives you acces to the HOLY DISTRICT. Go to the HOLY DISTRICT, and talk to QUITOR reapeatedly. If you have prevously talked to him when he was in the LIBERAL DISTRICT he will give you 200 DYNES as a a type of bribe. You will also be able to buy ZAAL NUTS for 500 DYNES. In addition if you have a MACRAN JEWEL he will offer to buy it for 9,000 DYNES, but turn his first offer down, and he will raise his offer to 10,000 DYNES.

If you do not have on of these jewels, one can be found a URU-SUNKEN SOUTHERN RUINS by finding a certain monster called a KOLBA, it is a rare monster, so you will have to fly all over the board untill you can find him. You will have to score a excellant in battle to receive the item though. You will also like how many EXP points you will receive.

The location of another rare monster is in the GARIL DESERT (the third stage of the desert) if you continue to fly along and close to the mountain ridge in a big circle for a little while, a rare monster called a SAND MITE will appear. If you score a excellant in battle you will receive 540 EXP points. You can continue to do this to raise your dragons EXP points and finally his level. This can be done as early as DISK 1.

John Woo Reference

In the caravan town, enter the leader's hut and inspect a pair of pistols laying on a shelf. You will get the message "Inscribed: From Mr. Woo."

This is of course a reference to action flick director John Woo, who is known for having characters fight it out with a pistol in each hand in his films.

Many Rewards

On disk 3, go to the caravan. You'll hear from Baicah that Enkak is ill, and that he needs a rare cure. Go to Uru and you'll see a bird flying around at the start. Take it to its nest which is west of the entrance to the passage. There are two other birds, one to the south-west of the nest and one to the east of the passage. When all three birds have gotten home safely, the family leaves and you can pick up the cure. Go back to Baicah and he'll buy it for 2000 dynes PLUS will give you 5 speed chips. Near the end of disk 4, when An'jou returns, he'll give you a Berserk Vampire worth 10,000 dynes.

On disk 3, in the Holy District, talk to Quitor repeatedly. Not only can you buy Zaal Nuts for a cheat 500 dynes but if you have a Macral Jewel he'll buy it for 9,000 dynes. Also, speak to Rhoda repeatedly, and she'll give you some Zaal Nuts, and if you search the stacks of crops near the entrance of the district you'll find Zaal Harvests which can be sold for a good price.

Once you have the Eye Wing dragon (level 4 laser class) go to Shellcoof and unlock all of the pyramids surrounding the ship. Enter it and fly to the Genesis Chamber. Get the Ambrosias and the dragon's crest. You'll get a little dragon. He and the crest are useful later. The dragon will locate items that are out of reach and will collect them, but you must access him to get the items. A good way would be to fly on for about 8 seconds after he has flown off the top of the screen, and then backtrack.

If you manage to get a Light Wing dragon (level 6 laser class) return to the Forest of Zoah and go into the Red Ruins. there, go into the central structure and find the ruin without the dragon crest on it. Access it and you will return the crest to its proper place. Not only that, but you'll merge with the little dragon and turn into the Solo Wing dragon.

Feel like a speed boost? In the Forest of Zoah, just south of the south-western entrance to the Red Ruins, is a blue stalk. If you collected the Kuo Pollen from the Garil Desert, you can access this and turn it into a golden fruit which lets you fly faster. If you haven't got the Kuo Pollen, go to the Green Oasis and find the ruin which you destroyed to get underground. Access the correct white stalk and it will drop a red ball, which is Kuo Pollen. This also lets you fly at a consant speed if you tap L.


Beating the game lets you access three mini games (don't ask about the mini games or why there are mini games), Ancient Valley Coliseum Racing, where you see what those banners in the excavation site are for; Durmont's Ranch, where you explore as a Khorieat Coolia pup; and Fleet on the Lake, where you rack up as many points as you can in three minutes while busting up the Imperials' beach-head on the Uru lake again.

Obtaining the Light Wing Dragon

To obtain the Light Wing Dragon (Laser Level 6), you must first free the infant dragon from the Shellcoof Genesis Chamber after mutating to the Eye Wing Dragon (Laser Level 4). Let the story progress until your dragon reaches Laser Level 5 (somewhere near the end of disc 4) and return to the map location, Above the Ruins. Fly your dragon down the left branch of the canyon until you reach the roosting birds and wait until the infant dragon flies off the top of the screen.

Fly on a little farther (about 5 seconds or so), and turn around and fly back until you can target the infant dragon. Upon accessing the infant dragon, you will chase him, and the birds around the canyon a couple of times until the birds enter a small, secret cave. Enter the cave to reveal the birds' nest. One of the pyramids in the nest area contains the mutation up to the Light Wing Dragon.

Now you can access the crashed ship in the desert area and get a new Special Class berserker spell, as well as replace the Dragon Crest in the Red Ruins to change into the Solo Wing Dragon. Warning: once the Solo Wing Dragon is obtained, you will no longer have access to the infant dragon. So fly around a bit in the other map areas to get the hidden items he helps you find, beforehand.

Other tricks

1. By loading up any Panzer Dragoon Saga Disk, opening the Saturn, and loading Zwei (all without turning the power off), you will be able to see exerpts from the intro movie from the firt Panzer Dragoon game.

2. With a saved game of Saga in you system's memory. you wiil be able to access "Pandra's Box" in Zwei.

Saved Game Secrets

If you have a saved game of Panzer Dragoon Zwei in you Saturn's memory, they following codes will be enabled on Panzer Dragoon Saga:

1. For every hour played in Zwei, you will start out Saga with that much Dyne mutiplied by a hundred. For example, if you played Zwei for 8 hours, you will start Saga with 800 Dyne.

2. The little girl who plays hide and seek outside of Vaiman's will give you a music box. Go back to camp to access the music box.

Slow or Speed-up Voices

When talking to people, you can make then talk slower and deeper or faster and higher by pressing L or R while they're talking. It seems to work in most places.

South Park Joke

On disk #2 of Panzer Dragoon Saga, go to the city of Zoah and then to Jubus's bar. From there go upstairs and check one of the tables. When you do, it will say "They killed Kenny" which is from the show South Park.

World Map Rotation

In Panzer Dragoon Saga, first access the World map. Now press the R shift button to rotate the map counter-clockwise. Pressing the L shift button will rotate the map Clockwise. Pressing either button repeatly, will make the rotation start spinning faster.

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