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Change Views in Special Stage

When you're about to get a Chaos Emarald, press X to "freeze" the view. For example, if you freeze the view while the view is above Sonic, you'll see Sonic grab the Chaos Emerald from that viewpoint.

To view the emerald from below, hold Z as you approach it.

Cheat Mode

At the title screen hold C and press Start. To use the codes, pause the game while playing and press any of the following keys:

A Skip to next Act
B Skip to next Stage
C Skip to the final boss
X Gain 1 life
Y Gain 1 medal (10 medals = 1 continue)
Z Gain all Chaos Emeralds

Note: You must earn every 10th medal. That is, you can gain 9 medals with the cheat code, earn 1, gain 9 more, etc.

Extra Life in the Rusty Ruins

At the very begining of Rusty Ruins, there is a door behind you. Go back to that door and do the spin attack to open it. Inside you'll find an extra life.

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