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Hyper Punches

Start a game in Akuma, Arcade, or Training Modes. Highlight any character and hold R while pressing Kick or Punch Buttons. Keep Holding it until it says the Manual/Auto Bars. Then when it starts you should be able to hold a punch button to do hyper punches.

Play as Akuma in Super Street Fighter 2X

At the character selection screen, highlight Ryu and hold L + R.

Play as Cammy

Cammy is hidden in the second disc of Street Fighter Collection. To play as her, beat the game (Arcade Mode) with M. Bison (Vega) and place first in the high score ranking. Enter your initials as "CAM". Cammy will be now selectable in Vs. And Training Modes. Press start twice on M. Bison (Vega) in training or vs. mode to select her when at the character selection screen.

Rapid Attacks

For rapid attacks in any mode, hold R while selecting your fighter.

Secret Colors in Super Street Fighter 2X

To access the secret colors for anyone, select any character then hold the button down until your character changes color.

Street Fighter Zero 2X Codes

To play as Evil Ryu, highlight Ryu then press START twice.

To play as Special Sakura, highlight Sakura and press START five times. If it worked her clothing will change.

To play as Shin Gouki (Super Turbo Akuma), highlight Gouki and press START five times.

To play as the Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition of a character, pick either Ryu, Ken, Vega (Bison), Sagat, Dhalsim, or Zangief then press START once. Your characters color should change if you did it right.

To play as the Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition of Chunli, select her and press START twice.

Super Characters without a Super Meter in Super Street Fighter 2X

To play as the super version of a character without a super meter, highlight either Ryu, Ken, Fei Long, Blanka, Zangief, M.Bison, Balrog or Cammy. Select any one of these people with the JAB button (X by default) and repeatedly keep pressing LEFT to RIGHT on the d-pad and JAB. If you did it right, your character should say something and their clothes should change color. For the rest of the characters, do the same thing except press UP and DOWN repeatedly instead of LEFT to RIGHT.

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