Street Fighter Zero 2...

   Change Order of Opponents...
   Custom Combos...
   Play as Evil Akuma...
   Play as Evil Ryu...
   Turbo Buttons...

Change Order of Opponents

Before choosing your character, hold L or R and press START.

Custom Combos

In training mode highlight your character then hold "l" plus start. Then choose your fighter.

Play as Evil Akuma

In the "Player Select" screen highlight Akuma hold start and then press: Down, Down, Right, Down, Right, Down, Down, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down. It will finhish in Akuma (you must stay holding Start all the time) them you just have to select him.

Play as Evil Ryu

At the character selection go to Ryu and press Start, then go Right, Up, Down, Left. To finish, press and hold Start then press any punch or kick button.

Turbo Buttons

Go to Training or Versus mode. Press R + L + START when selecting your character and hold these buttons until the fight starts. You'll notice that if you hold Punch, you will punch repeatedly; hold Kick and you will kick repeatedly, etc. This doesn't work in the Arcade or Survival modes.

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