Tomb Raider...

   All Weapons...
   Level Skip...
   Reduce Fall Damage...
   Unlimited Ammunition...

All Weapons

Go to the inventory screen and press X, Y, X, Y,Z,Z,Z,Z,Y, Z, Y,X,X,X, this every level. you will hear a grunting noise. now enter the level skip code to beat the game.

Skip Stage: During the game, press Start to pause, then press Down and access the passport. Turn To the last page of the passport ("Exit to Title") and press Z, Y, Z, Y, X, X, X, Start; you'll hear Lara moan to confirm the code. Now press A; instead of returning to the title screen, you'll skip to the end of the current stage.

Level Skip

Pause the game and access the"load game" book.go to "exit to title page and press Z,Y,Z,Y,X,X,X,START. press A to skip to the next level.

Reduce Fall Damage

To minimize the damage that occurs when you fall, press roll while you are falling.

Unlimited Ammunition

Enter the Level Skip code then press A + Up.

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