Ultimate Mortal Kombat...

   Effect: Cheat Menu ...
   Effect: Cheat Menu...
   Effect: Elbow Dash ...
   Effect: Free Play Mode ...
   Effect: Freeze Oppenent ...
   Effect: It Allows You To Throw...
   Effect: Makes You Invisable ...
   Effect: New Opening Quote ...
   Effect: Spits Acid ...
   Effect: Throws Fast Force Ball...
   Effect: Throws Slow Force Ball...

Effect: Cheat Menu

When: On The Option Screen
How: Press 'B,A,Down,Down,Left,A,X,B,A,B,Y'

Effect: Cheat Menu

When: At Title Screen
How: Press 'C, R, A, Z, Y, C, Y, R, A, X'

Effect: Elbow Dash

When: Using Reptile During Game
How: Back,Forward,LK

Effect: Free Play Mode

When: At The Skull Screen
How: Press 'Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down' on controller 2

Effect: Freeze Oppenent

When: Using Sub-zero During Play
How: Down,Forward,A

Effect: It Allows You To Throw A Knife

When: During Play Using Kano
How: Down,Back,X

Effect: Makes You Invisable

When: Using Reptile,during Play.
How: Hold Block,Up,Up,Down,HK,Release Block

Effect: New Opening Quote

When: While Shao Khan Is Laughing At Beginning
How: Press 'Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down'

Effect: Spits Acid

When: Using Reptile During Play
How: Forward,Forward HP

Effect: Throws Fast Force Ball

When: Using Reptile During Game
How: Forward,Forward,HP+LP

Effect: Throws Slow Force Ball

When: Using Reptile During Play
How: Back,Back,HP+LP

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