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   Keep Cross-hairs On-screen...
   Machine Gun at Beginner Level...
   Machine Gun at Expert Level...
   More Time for Name Entry...
   Rifle on Expert Level...
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   Weapon Select...

Cheat Mode

From the cheat menu, players determine such attributes as Invincibility, Ranking Mode and Weapon Select. To activate the cheat menu, hold C and press Up, Down, Left, Right at the Sega logo. (A gunshot confirms correct entry.) Then, at the AM2 logo, hold C and press Down, Up, Right, Left, Up (2), Left, Right. (A gunshot confirms correct entry.)

Keep Cross-hairs On-screen

Start the game with the regular control pad and go through to the begining of the game. Pause the game and replace the control pad with your stunner. The cross-hairs will remain on-screen at all times.

Machine Gun at Beginner Level

At the beginning of BEGINER mode there will be a bad guy popping out of the door. First kill him and shoot the door until it is straight. You will get a machine gun.

Machine Gun at Expert Level

In the expert level, just before you enter the room where you get the rifle you'll see two paintings. Shoot them both until they're gone. You'll find a machine gun behind each of them.

More Time for Name Entry

To gain more time on the name entry screen shoot the backspace button 20 times and your time will refresh to 99 seconds.

Rifle on Expert Level

When you first go down into the basement, shoot at the red barrel next to the truck and a rifle should appear.

View Ending

On the first stage, after the last enemy has appeared and before the boss appears hold B + X + Z on Controller Two. Keep them down untill you beat the boss. You'll see the ending after the boss dies.

Weapon Select

To select the weapon you would like to use, pause the game. Then shoot off-screen or press C button. Cycle through the weapons. (Note: the cheat menu must be activated.)

Weapon Type Shots Reload
Automatic single-shot 15 Yes
Machine gun continuous burst 30 No
Magnum single-shot ? ?
Revolver single shot 6 Yes
Rifle single-shot 24 NO
Shotgun three-shot burst 6 Yes
The Special single-shot -- unlimited

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