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Alternate Colors for Dural

To fight as Dural with a particular costume color, highlight Akira and enter the corresponding code below.

Blue -- Up, Down, Right, Left + A
Gold -- Down, Up, Left, Right + A
Red -- Up, Down, Left, Right + A
Red w/ white eyes -- Up (2), Down, A + Up
Yellow/green -- Left, Right, Down, A + Up

Choose Camera Angle

To choose a camera angle, press A, B, C, L, R, Y or Z. For a randomly chosen perspective, press X.

Combo Master Mode

To enable Combo Master mode, choose a fighter. Highlight Normal and Kid modes at the mode selection screen and press up 10 times. (The words “Combo Master” confirm correct entry.)

Fish Head Dural

To see a fish inside Dural's head, select Dural with an alternate costume. When the prompt for Normal or Kids mode appears, hold C until the match begins.

Movie Room

Beat the game in arcade mode on normal or higher difficulty. Once you beat the game with a character, the FMV for that character will be in the movie room option. Do this for all characters to have access to all their movies.

Play as Dural

To play as Dural, highlight Akira at the player select screen and press Down, Up, Right, Left + A.

Wire Frame Mode

To enable wire frame mode complete the game at Hard difficulty. Then, at the character selection screen, hold L + R until the next game begins.

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