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Defeating the master of the prison

Use the Gale attack. Hit him with the gale, then run. Repeat the hit and run strategy until he has been defeated.


At the menu, enter the following code. The sound of whirling wind will go off in the background when correctly entered.

Code - Effect
X, X, Square, Triangle, Start, Circle, Circle, Start - Invincibility

Various Codes

Select the Code Entry option at the Extras menu, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Password - Effect

37437 - All Treasure Maps Unlocked
34743 - Double Damage
24463 - Infinite Chi
23637 - Infinite Copper
94677 - Infinite Health
53467 - Infinite Stealth
54641 - One Hit Dishonor
97831 - Unlocks Character Concept Gallery

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