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Alternate Ending Sequence

Have at least 100% game completion and 250,000 points.

Artwork Gallery

Successfully complete the game.


Go to cheat menu and insert the code: 8wonder. (this may not work for psp i have only used it for xbox, damage visuals will still present)

Save Kong alternate ending sequence

Have at least 250,000 points and a 100% game completion.

Various Codes

Hold L1 + R1 and press Down, Circle, Up, Square, Down(2), Up(2) at the main menu. Release L1 + R1 and a 'Cheat' option will appear at the main menu. Select the 'Cheat' option, then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

God Mode
Enter 8wonder as a code. You will still take damage, but will not lose a life. However, high falls and fire can still cause loss of life. Also, this code must be re-enabled with each new level.

Level Select
Enter KKst0ry as a code. This code includes the number '0'.

One-hit Kills
Enter GrosBras as a code.

999 Ammunition
Enter KK 999 mun as a code.

Bonuses Completed
Enter KKmuseum as a code.

Unlimited Spears
Enter lance 1nf as a code. This code includes the number '1' in the second word. Press Reload to get the spears.

Machine Gun
Enter KKcapone as a code.

Enter KKtigun as a code.

Enter KKsh0tgun as a code. This code includes the number '0'.

Sniper Rifle
Enter KKsn1per as a code. This code includes the number '1'.

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