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Alternate Costumes in Console-Exclusive Missions

The console-exclusive missions have alternate costumes available, which you can unlock by satisfying the corresponding requirements.

CostumeHow to unlock

Easy "Unlocked" Achievement

After completing a mission you can see the available trials in the menu. However some must be unlocked first. Under the normal difficulty setting you have to mark all enemies in each mission (trial "mark all enemies", except intel operative rescue) to unlock all missing trials. Under the hard difficulty setting you must complete each mission once again (trial "fastest completion", except intel operative rescue) to unlock all missing trials.

Extra Side Ops Mission

MissionHow to unlock

Hard mode

Successfully complete a mission to unlock the Hard difficulty for that specific mission.

M-2000 sniper rifle

Earn an "A" rank.

Moai statues

You can find five Moai statues during the Intel Operative Rescue side mission:

- On top of the tower after the first five enemies and the helicopters circle around to the warehouse area.

- Inside Chico's cell.

- In the watchtower on the corner of the administrator building, where the guard tries to fire a rocket launcher.

- Get off the helicopter and kill all of the enemies at the base. Run to the rocket launcher. Wait for the gate to open, then allow the tank to pass.
The Moai statue can now be found at the bottom right corner of the gate. It must be collected before the gate closes.

- Search the square roof at the base of the large tower that the other helicopter blows up. You may need to circle the tower a few times to have the opportunity to hit it.

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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