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Attribute upgrades

Collect the indicated amount of Mirian to upgrade the corresponding attribute.

Health (each tier adds +20 HP)
Tier 1: 100 Mirian
Tier 2: 320 Mirian
Tier 3: 640 Mirian
Tier 4: 1,050 Mirian
Tier 5: 2,100 Mirian

Elf-Shot (each tier adds +2 shots)
Tier 1: 130 Mirian
Tier 2: 370 Mirian
Tier 3: 870 Mirian
Tier 4: 1,750 Mirian
Tier 5: 2,100 Mirian

Focus (each tier adds +20 Focus)
Tier 1: 100 Mirian
Tier 2: 320 Mirian
Tier 3: 640 Mirian
Tier 4: 1,050 Mirian
Tier 5: 2,100 Mirian

Duplicate Epic Runes

Collect all 43 different Epic Runes and have the Dispatch ability. You must have at least 20 Captains alive; which is done easiest in Endless Challenge and Test of Wisdom. Select a Warchief that you will brand later. Send death threats to all the Captains and Warchiefs. Brand the Warchief that you selected earlier. Brand the 20 or more living Captains. Command all the Captains to become bodyguards of the Warchief that you branded. Summon the branded Warchief. Delete the Epic Rune to be duplicated, or it convert to Mirian. You should now have 42 Epic Runes. Kill all the followers. Upon death, every Captain and the Warchief will drop the same Epic Rune that you are currently missing.

Note: This will take some time to prepare.

Easy "Height of Despair" Achievement

Go to a Forge tower, or ruins near campfires that have four floors (easier). If at a Forge tower, use Attract to bring enemies closer first. Stealth kill an enemy, and immediately climb back up and wait using stealth to check when you can stealth kill again. The enemies usually lose focus after short time, as long as there are not any archers that can spot you. "Height of Despair" will be earned after ten such kills.

Easy "No Power in Numbers" Achievement

You do not need to brand a Captain beforehand. Simply enter any easy target's recruitment mission. Brand him before the first set of Uruks die. You can be seen by the enemy as long as you kill all the targets indicated by the yellow dot markers afterwards. After you brand the Captain, all the Uruks following him will be under his control, as if you had branded them yourself. Ensure that the Captain does not die from other groups of Uruks to allow success of the recruitment mission. When the mission ends, use the ability to kill all branded units on sight.

Easy "Stinking Rebels" Achievement

When close to the final missions, you will learn how to issue commands to branded units. Brand any existing bodyguards of a Warchief, then brand Captains who do not yet have a Warchief they are guarding. After branding a Captain, dominate it immediately and issue a command to have them try to become a bodyguard for that Warchief. The Captain will then need to complete a trial by ordeal mission to become a bodyguard. Once you have obtained five bodyguards for the same Warchief, enter that Warchief's mission. "Stinking Rebels" will be earned when you get him to appear.

Easy epic runes

You can increase the chance of obtaining an epic rune by killing high-level Warchiefs and Captains. Allow them to win during Captains' and Warchiefs' Power Struggles. You can allow them to intentionally kill you so that their own rank and level increases. Then, return to them and get a revenge kill. You can also threaten the Captains and Warchiefs to increase their level. You will then have to take out their reinforcements as well.

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

Warchief interactions

A Warchief must be drawn out before he can be dominated or killed. Each Warchief requires a different tactic, which can be learned by taking on his Captains. If you kill a Warchief, you will gain 70 power points.

WarchiefHow to unlock

Weapon attributes

A total of four runes can be added to each weapon (sword, bow, and dagger), for the indicated cost.


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