Monster Hunter: Iceborne

Strategy Guide

This guide is designed to move players through a difficulty path that takes into account health risk and complicated combos.

Included in this guide:

Hammers Basics
Combos: Slides, Jumps, Clutch, Trick Combos
Build skill suggestions

Power Charge
[PS4] R2 + O
[Keyboard Default] CTRL + Right mouse click

Power Charge gives you an attack boost. Your hammer will glow a white color when you are charged. You lose this charge when you sheath or get hit by a monster.

This buff does not stack on itself.

You will also swing an attack immediately after releasing R2/RT/CTRL.

Charged Side Blow
[PS4] R2 + release quickly
[XBOX] RT + release quickly
[Keyboard Default] CTRL + release quickly

This will unleash one side swing attack.

Charged Brutal Upswing
[PS4] R2 wait for 2 charge, release
[XBOX] RT wait for 2 charge, release
[Keyboard Default] CTRL wait for 2 charge, release

This will release a upswing and slide your character forward. Good for getting in for a quick attack on a monster.

Careful when using this during multiplayer as you will launch your teammates out of the way. If you practice it, you can launch your teammate above a monster so they can get a mount.

Charged Brutal Big Bang
[PS4] R2 wait for 3 charge, standing still on release
[XBOX] RT wait for 3 charge, stand still on release
[Keyboard Default] CTRL wait for 3 charge, stand still on release

Standing still on release will do an overhead attack that is the equivalent to your builds max stats.

Slinger Burst
[PS4] R2+L2
[Keyboard Default] CTRL+V

Slinger Burst will release all of your slinger ammo into the monster if you are close enough. Depending on the ammo you have you can stagger the monster. If you use Slinger Burst while charging you can stop the monster from interrupting your charge.

Clutch Claw Flinch Shot
[PS4] L2+O, R2
[Keyboard Default] V + Right click, CTRL

Only works on the head, will send the monster into a wall if its lined up and close enough. To angle the monster hit O/B/Right click after normal clutch claw. Clutch Claw relies on your stamina, keep an eye on it or you will fall off. If a monster is enraged (red icon on compass) you cannot flinch shot them.

Beginner Hammer Skill Challenge
Now that you've mastered the basics, its time to challenge yourself with new skills!

Ledge Jump
[PS4] Move forward + X before ledge + R2 + Release
[XBOX] Move forward + A before ledge + RT + Release
[Keyboard Default] Move forward + Space Bar + CTRL + Release

Ledge Jumps release max damage and are a powerful skill to master. They also build up for a mount which helps to pin down a monster.

Midair Spinning Bludgeon
[PS4] R2 + Move down slope + Charge up to 3 + Release
[XBOX] RT + Move down slope + Charge up to 3 + Release
[Keyboard Default] CTRL + Move down slope + Charge up to 3 + Release

Your character will spin in the air and hit final max damage smash at the end. Using this attack accurately is the biggest challenge. Damage increases depending on how much you charge during the slide. This also builds up for a mount.

Sheathed Slide Jump
[PS4] (While Sheathed) Move down slope + R2 + Release
[XBOX] (While Sheathed) Move down slope + RT + Release
[Keyboard Default] (While Sheathed) Move down slope + CTRL + Release

All jump attacks release a max damage. Jumping slides are handy for avoiding a lot of damage from a monster. This also builds up for a mount.

Intermediate Hammer Skill Challenge
Now that you've mastered beginner skills, its time to challenge yourself with intermediate skills!

Two-Point Turn Ledge Jump
[PS4] Move forward, X near ledge, R2+Change Direction, Release
[XBOX] Move forward, A near ledge, RT+Change Direction, Release
[Keyboard Default] Move forward, Space Bar near ledge, CTRL+Change Direction, Release

This is an effective way to adjust your hammers position during a ledge jump to hit critical spots on the monster. You cannot see yourself make the direction change until after you release your attack.

Sliding Jump Attack
[PS4] R2 + Move down slope + X on slide, Release
[XBOX] RT + Move down slope + A on slide, Release
[Keyboard Default] CTRL + Move down slope + Space Bar on slide, Release

Sliding jump attacks are effective for avoiding damage and building mounts.

Brutal Upswing into Clutch Combo
[PS4] R2+2 charges, Release, L2
[XBOX] RT+2 charges, Release, LT
[Keyboard Default] CTRL+2 charges, Release, V

Can be dangerous depending on how the monster is thrashing but is a quick and effective way to get the most tenderizing in a short amount of time. This combo also has an extended range for the clutch. Be careful as this will launch your teammates.

Brutal Big Bang into Clutch Combo
[PS4] R2+3 charges, Release, L2
[XBOX] RT+3 charges, Release, LT
[Keyboard Default] CTRL+3 charges, Release, V

Same combo as the two charge but with more power. Once you've mastered these, try out the advanced skills!

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