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When playing, press "~" and pull up the screen. type in one of the following:
GOD-god mode
NOTARGET-enimies will not attack you unless provoked
GIVE S#-gives you shells (type in number of how many you want)
GIVE N#-gives you nails (type in number of how many you want)
GIVE R#-gives you rockets (type in number of how many you want)
GIVE C#-gives you cell packs (type in a number of how many you want)
Give #-gives you a weapon from 1-8, Shotgun(1), Double-Barreled Shotgun(2), Nailgun(3), Super Nailgun(5), Grenade Launcher(6), Rocket Launcher(7), Lightning(8)
NOCLIP-you can walk through walls
IMPULSE 13-gives you the silver key or keycard
IMPULSE 14-gives you the gold key or keycard
IMPULSE 255- give you quad damage for a limited amount of time
KILL-commit suicide
IMPULSE 9-all weapons
IMPULSE 11-displays runes (you dont accually get them though)
SV_GRAVITY -50 - reduses gravity by 50% (you can replace the number 50 with any number
FLY-enables you to fly(type it again to stop it)

Health cheat

Give h 999 : Enter this in the window that should appear when you press the keyboard button ` which is just beside the keyboard button 1 This should give you 999 health points.

Nightmare Skill

Well, enter from the start, one of the halls. Walk to the 4th Episode. You will find some sort of bath. Walk into the bath and push yourself with your back against the wall. If you fall through the bath, you will find yourself standing on a barrier. Walk to the left of the barrier, and you wil find an entrance that will lead to Nightmare skill.

The Dopefish Lives

The way to find the "well of wishes" is near the crypt of decay. When in the middle of the bridge turn arround and face the nail shooter things. Then look left and if you see a quad damage jump and get it then go on the edge there is a ledge that is berly walkable! Keep walking along till you raech a door, jump in a room there should be 75 or i think it is 45 health! Jump into the water! It should say "WELCOME TO THE WELL OF WISHES" keep going down. Then there is a biosuit and pentagram of protection and It will keep commenting "THE DOPEFISH LIVES" and there is a picture of a dopefish. There is no way to kill it. He lives untill quake 3! and i dont see any ways to kill the dopefish in quake 1!

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