PlayStation Cheats, Tips & Secrets

 Pac-Man World
 Pandemonium 2
 Panzer General
 Parappa the Rapper
 Parasite Eve
 Parasite Eve II
 Parodius Deluxe Pack
 Peak Performance
 Perfect Assassin
 Perfect Weapon
 Persona 2: Eternal Punishme...
 Play Stadium 3
 PlayStation Underground CD:...
 Pocket Fighter
 Point Blank
 Point Blank 2
 Point Blank 3
 Pool Hustler
 Pool Shark
 Pop N Music
 Pop n Twin Bee
 Pop'n Music Animation Melod...
 Populous: The Beginning
 Porsche Challenge
 Power Instinct 2
 Power Move Wrestling
 Power Rangers Lightspeed Re...
 Power Shovel
 Power Spike Pro Beach Volle...
 Powerboat Racing
 Powerpuff Girls - Chemical ...
 Premier Manager '98
 Premier Manager '99
 Pro Pinball: Timeshock
 Project GaiaRay
 Project Overkill
 Project: Horned Owl
 Psychic Force 2

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