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Gallery Mode

Get a 'high' score to view a gallery; featuring different Dragonball Z scenes.

Play As Super Saiyan Goku

Select Krillin for the battle against Freeza. Begin the match and let Krillin to lose. Goku will automatically become a Super Saiyan.

Play As Super Saiyan Vegeta II

Successfully complete all game modes, including "Campaign Mode" and "SP".

Unlock the best ending in "Campaign Mode". Select "Versus Mode", then keep selecting Super Saiyan Vegeta until he appears with no armor. That is Super Saiyan Vegeta II.

Remove Menu Text

Press X, Y, or Z on a file or menu screen.

Remove Paused Text

Press Start + X during play.


Hold L + R on the screen where the mountains are flying past you. While you have those buttons held, press X for speed 1, Y for speed 2, or Z for speed 3. Hold L + R + Z on controller two for speed 4.

Stage Select

Hold X + Y + Z + Start at the title screen. Select the "SP Battle" option from the menu to select any character's stage.

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