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Big Heads

To activate the big heads option in the Options Plus menu, you must fight 100 matches in the VS or Arcade modes.

Honey's Bonus Outfits (Japanese)

To access Honey's bonus outfits, defeat the game on the Very Hard setting in Arcade mode. These outfits are selectable in Vs., Training, and Team Battle modes.

Invisible Walls

To activate the invisible walls option in the option plus menu, you must succesfully perform 350 MOVES in the training mode.

Knock Honey's Skirt Off (Japanese)

Defeat the game in Arcade mode on the Very Hard setting. After defeating the game, you can knock Honey's skirt off when you knock off her lower armor, revealing a lovely "Aeon Flux" G-string.

You can only do this in matches played in Arcade mode, and selecting another mode will cancel out the code, but as long as you stay in Arcade mode, you can still do it, even if you lose, choose another character, or play a two-player match (just not in Vs. mode!!). You must redo this code each time your Saturn has been turned off.

Hint: This will work even with "No Damage" selected.

Options Plus

To get this menu, you must beat the game in normal mode or harder with any character.

Play as B.M.

To play as the end boss, B.M. (Big Mahler) you must win the game on Very Hard with any character. B.M. is only playable in V.S. mode.

Play as Kumachan

To play as Kumachan the bear, you must fight 50 rounds in the arcade or V.S. modes. To play as Panda Kumachan, put the cursor over Kumachan on the player select screen, and select him while holding "up".

For an easier route, start a game in Arcade Mode on the Hyper setting. When the match begins, hold A + B + C and press Start. Once you've gone back to v.s. or arcade Kumachan will be selectable.

Play as Mahler

To play the the smaller version of the end boss, you must win the game with any character in normal mode.

Play as Pepsi Man (Japanese)

To get Pepsi Man in the Japanese version of Fighting Vipers all you have to do is let Bahn (your first opponent), beat you up. Don't do anything; just let him kill you.

Remove your Armor

To remove your own armor in normal mode (as opposed to hyper mode) use the following move: f, b, f, b+P+K+G. This move is very tricky to work at first because the timing is delicate, but the effect is worth it.

To remove your armor in Hyper mode, press Back + L + R.

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