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Get a complete victory with the indicated faction to unlock the corresponding new faction and faction leader. Note: For a complete victory you must conquer the home territory of every enemy faction in all scenarios in that particular faction's campaign.

A.E.U.G. (Quattro): Win as A.E.U.G. (Blex)
Axis Zeon (Glemy): Win as Axis Zeon (Haman)
Delaz Fleet (Delaz): Win as E.F.S.F. (Revil)
Neo Zeon: Win as E.F.S.F. (Revil), Zeon (Giren), Titans (Jamitov), A.E.U.G. (Blex), and Axis Zeon (Haman)
Neo Zeon (Char): Win as E.F.S.F. (Revil)
Titans (Scirocco): Win as Titans (Jamitov)
Zeon (Garma): Win as Zeon (Giren)
Zeon (Kycillia): Win as Zeon (Giren)

Free enemy Mobile Suit designs

Get a complete victory over the other faction during the One-Year-War Scenario to unlock an enemy design plan that can be used in the following chapters of the campaign. The plans will vary, depending on your faction and which turn you won on. Better plans are awarded for faster victories. Note: You will unlock the earliest plan for the turn you won on, plus all the plans that would be awarded for the turns that follow.

Aquatic Zaku: Win before turn 84 as the E.F.S.F.
Full-Armor Gundam: Win before turn 85 as Zeon.
Galbaldy: Win before turn 64 as the E.F.S.F.
Gerbera Tetra: Win before turn 44 as the E.F.S.F.
GM: Win before turn 99 as Zeon.
GP-01: Win before turn 65 as Zeon.
Gundam: Win before turn 95 as Zeon.
Gundam 'Alex': Win before turn 75 as Zeon.
Gundam Mk. II: Win before turn 35 as Zeon.
Hyaku-Shiki: Win before turn 55 as Zeon.
Nue Ziel: Win before turn 34 as the E.F.S.F.
Perfect Zeong: Win before turn 54 as the E.F.S.F.
Qubeley: Win before turn 25 as the E.F.S.F.
Z'Gok: Win before turn 74 as the E.F.S.F.
Zaku II: Win before turn 99 as the E.F.S.F.
Zeta Gundam: Win before turn 45 as Zeon.

Hard difficulty

Win a complete victory.

Normal difficulty

Win a complete victory.

Very Easy difficulty

Lose any campaign, no matter which.

Very Hard difficulty

Win a complete victory with all five starting factions.

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