Macintosh - All Games
 3 In Three
 3D Atlas
 3D Ultra Pinball
 3D Ultra Pinball: Thrill Ri...
 4D Boxing
 4X4 Evolution
 9: The Last Resort
 A Mind Forever Voyaging
 A-10 Attack
 A-10 Cuba
 Absolute Zero
 Actua Soccer
 Adaptec Toast
 Adobe Illustrator
 Adventure: The Colossal Cav...
 Age Of Empires
 Age Of Empires 2: The Age O...
 Air Patrol
 Aliens vs. Predator
 Alone In The Dark
 Alone In The Dark 2
 Alone In The Dark 3
 Amazon Trail
 America Online
 American McGee's Alice
 Ancient Art Of War
 And Yet It Moves
 Angel Devoid: Face Of The E...
 Angry Birds
 Another World
 Apache Longbow
 Armor Alley
 Army of Tentacles: (Not) A ...
 Art Of War
 Avernum 2
 Backyard Baseball 2001
 Backyard Soccer MLS Edition...
 Bad Day On The Midway
 Bad Mojo
 Baldur's Gate
 Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows Of...
 Banner Saga: Factions, The
 Bard's Tale, The
 Batman: Arkham City
 Battle Beast
 Battle Chess
 Battle Squadron
 Bedlam 2
 Bejeweled 3
 BioShock Infinite
 Bird Story, A
 Bit.Trip Void
 Black & White
 Blast Em!
 Blind Love
 Blood And Magic
 Blood Bath
 Blood Pong
 Brave: The Video Game
 Broken Age: Act 1
 Bubble Trouble
 Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab
 Burning Rubber
 Caesar 2
 Caesar 3
 Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse...
 Castles II: Siege And Conqu...
 Chaos Overlord
 Chip's Challenge
 Christmas Lemmings
 Chuck Yeager's Air Combat
 Civilization 2
 Civilization 3
 Civilization: Call To Power...
 Commanche 3
 Command & Conquer
 Conflict Catcher 8
 Crystal Caliburn
 Crystal Quest
 CSI: Crime Scene Investigat...
 Curse Of The Azure Bonds
 Damage Inc.
 Dame Was Loaded
 Dark Castle
 Dark Forces
 Dark Vengeance
 Day Of The Tentacle: Maniac...
 Dead In Bermuda
 Deer Hunter
 Deer Hunter 2
 Deimos Rising
 Depths of Fear: Knossos
 Descent 2
 Descent 3
 Destroyer Man
 Deus Ex
 Diablo 2
 Diablo 2: Lord Of Destructi...
 Diablo 3
 DinoPark Tycoon
 Dirt Bike
 Don't Starve
 Doom 2
 Dragon Lords 3D
 Dragon's Lair
 Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp
 Draw Puzzle
 Duck Season
 Duke Nukem
 Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Editi...
 Dungeon Master
 Dungeon Master 2
 Dungeon Master 2: The Legen...
 Eric's Ultimate Solitaire
 Escape From Monkey Island
 Escape Velocity
 Escape Velocity: Nova
 Escape Velocity: Override
 Even More Incredible Machin...
 Exile 2: Crystal Souls
 Exile 3: Ruined World
 Exile: Escape From The Pit
 Extreme Assault
 F/A Hornet 2.0
 F/A-18 Hornet 3.0
 F/A-18 Korea
 Fallout: A Post Nuclear Adv...
 Final Doom
 Flashback: The Quest For Id...
 Foobar Versus The DEA
 Food Chain
 Ford Racing 2
 Frozen Heart
 Full Throttle
 Future Cop: L.A.P.D.
 Galactic Empire
 Garry's Mod
 Gemini Wing
 Ghost Recon
 Goat Simulator
 Gopher Golf
 Great Fighters 7
 Guild Wars 2
 Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of R...
 Gun Monkeys
 Handsome Executive Harry
 Harry Potter and the Chambe...
 Harry Potter and the Half-B...
 Harry Potter And The Sorcer...
 Hatoful Boyfriend
 Heaven And Earth
 Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2
 Hell Girls
 Hellcats Over The Pacific
 Hellcats: Missions At Leyte...
 Heroes Of Might And Magic
 Heroes Of Might And Magic 2...
 Heroes Of Might And Magic 3...
 Heroes Of Might And Magic 3...
 House That Math Built
 Hustle Cat
 I Have No Mouth And I Must ...
 Ice And Fire
 Imperialism 2: The Age Of E...
 In The 1st Degree
 Incredible Machine
 Indiana Jones And The Fate ...
 Indiana Jones And The Last ...
 Ingemar's Skiing Game
 Iraq Attack
 Jazz Jackrabbit 2
 Jewels Of The Oracle
 Journeyman Project
 Journeyman Project 2: Burie...
 Journeyman Project 3: Legac...
 Jump Start Adventures: 3rd ...
 Jump Start Adventures: 4th ...
 Jump Start Adventures: 5th ...
 Killing Time
 Kingdom 2: Shadoan
 Kingdom: New Lands
 Kingdom: The Far Reaches
 King's Bounty
 King's Quest 5: Absence Mak...
 King's Quest 6
 King's Quest 7: The Princel...
 Klingon Honor Guard
 Koala Lumpur: Journey To Th...
 Kung Fu Chivalry
 Labyrinth Of Crete
 Labyrinth Of Time
 Last Tinker: City of Colors...
 Law & Order: Dead on the Mo...
 Leather Goddesses Of Phobos...
 Legend Of Kyrandia
 Legend Of Kyrandia 2: The H...
 Legend Of Kyrandia 3: Malco...
 Legend Of Kyrandia 3:Fables...
 Leisure Suit Larry 1
 Leisure Suit Larry 2
 Leisure Suit Larry 3
 Leisure Suit Larry 5
 Leisure Suit Larry 7
 Leisure Suit Larry: Love fo...
 Lemmings Christmas
 Leonardo The Inventor
 Links Pro
 Lode Runner 2
 Lode Runner Online
 Lode Runner: The Legend Ret...
 Loony Labyrinth
 Lord Of The Bears Volume 1
 Lord Of The Realms 2
 Lord Of The Rings: The Retu...
 Lost Eden
 Lost Island Of Alanna
 Lost Land
 Louvre: The Final Curse
 Lurking Horror
 Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdo...
 Marathon Trilogy
 Mario's Game Gallery
 Mars Rising
 Master Of Orion
 Master Of Orion 2
 Might And Magic 3
 Moshi Monsters
 Myth II: Soulblighter
 Need for Speed 2: SE
 NHL '99
 Ninja Warriors
 Number Munchers
 Odyssey: Legend Of Nemesis
 Offspring Fling
 Oh, No! More Lemmings
 Operation Crusader
 Operation Intercept
 Oregon Trail
 Oregon Trail 2
 Orion Burger
 Otto Matic
 Out Of This World
 Oxyd Magnum
 Pac-Man 256
 Pajama Sam
 Pajama Sam 2
 Pathways Into Darkness
 Pax Imperia
 Pax Imperia 2
 PGA Tour Golf
 PGA Tour Golf 2
 Phantasmagora 2: Puzzle Of ...
 Phantom Signal
 Pirates! Gold
 Plants vs. Zombies
 Play To Win Casino
 Playmaker Football
 Plundered Hearts
 Poker Night 2
 Poker Night at the Inventor...
 Police Quest 4: Daryl F. Ga...
 Police Quest 5: SWAT
 Police Quest: Open Season
 Pool Of Radiance
 Pools Of Darkness
 Pop!: A Twisted Balloon Dog...
 Populous 2
 Power Pete
 Prime Target
 Prince Of Persia
 Prince of Persia 2
 Prisoner Of Ice
 Pro Pinball: The Web
 Quake 2
 Quake 3: Arena
 Railroad Tycoon
 Railroad Tycoon 2
 Rainbow Six
 Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch
 Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
 Rebel Assault
 Rebel Assault 2
 Reckless Drivin'
 Red Faction
 Redneck Rampage
 Return To Castle Wolfenstei...
 Return to Zork
 Riddle Of The Sphinx
 Ripley's Believe It Or Not!...
 Risk 2
 Riven: The Sequel To Myst
 Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunte...
 Rogue: The Dungeons Of Doom...
 Royal Casino: Video Poker
 S.C. Out
 Sabrina: The Teenage Witch ...
 Sacred Ground
 Sam And Max Hit The Road
 Secret Island of Dr. Quandr...
 Secret of Monkey Island
 Settlers 2
 Shadow Warrior
 Shadow Wraith
 Shattered Steel
 Shockwave Assault
 Sid Meier's Civilization V
 Sim Ant
 Sim City
 Sim City 2000
 Sim City 3000
 Sim City Classic
 Sim Earth
 Sim Farm
 Sim Isle
 Sim Life
 Sim Safari
 Sim Theme Park
 Sim Tower
 Simpsons: Virtual Springfie...
 Sims 3, The
 Sims 4, The
 Spectre Classic
 Spectre VR
 Stanley Parable, The
 Star Trek: Klingon
 Star Wars Knights of the Ol...
 Star Wars: Droid Works
 Starcraft 2: Wings of Liber...
 Starflight 2
 Stick it to the Man!
 Stunt Copter
 Superbrothers: Sword & Swor...
 System's Twilight
 Tank Wars
 Team Fortress 2
 The Daedalus Encounter
 Theme Park
 To the Moon
 Tomb Raider 4: The Last Rev...
 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
 Ultra Key
 Virtual Springfield
 Void 21
 Warcraft 2
 Warcraft: Orcs & Humans
 Wolfenstein 3d
 World Cricket 2000
 World of Goo
 World of Warcraft: Cataclys...
 World of Warcraft: Wrath of...
 X-MAS Lemmings
 You Don't Know Jack!
 Zen Bound 2
 Zone Of Avoidance

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