PC Cheats, Tips & Secrets

 Pac Horror
 Pac vs. Alien
 PacDoom 3: Halloween Party
 Pac-Eat Nx
 Pacific Air Warrior
 Pacific Fighters: Banzai!
 Pacific General
 Pacific Gunner
 Pacific Storm: Allies
 Pacific Strike
 Pacific War: The Matrix Pro...
 Pacific Warriors
 Package, The
 Pac-Man 2002
 Pac-Man 256
 Pac-Man All Stars
 Pac-Man Championship Editio...
 Pac-Man Championship Editio...
 Pac-Man Museum
 Pac-Man World 2
 Pac-Man World 3
 Pac-Man World Rally
 PacMan: Adventures in Time
 Pac-Mania 2
 Pac-Mania 2 3D
 PacRush 2
 PacVentures: Pac's Oddysee
 Paddle Battle
 Paddle Master VR
 Padre, The
 Pagan Online
 Pagans Must Die
 Pagemaster, The
 Pahelika: Revelations
 Pahelika: Secret Legends
 Pain of War
 Pain Train
 Painkiller: Battle out of H...
 Painkiller: Hell & Damnatio...
 Painkiller: Overdose
 Painkiller: Recurring Evil
 Painkiller: Redemption
 Painkiller: Resurrection
 Paint Ball: The Game
 Paint it Back
 Paint the Town Red
 Painted Legend
 Painted Memories
 Pajama Sam In Don't Fear Th...
 Pale Echoes
 Pale Lands VR
 Pale Moon Crisis
 Panda City
 Panda Escape
 Panda Escape 2
 Panda Love
 Panda Tactical Sniper 2
 Panda: Tactical Sniper
 Pandarama: The Lost Toys
 Pandemic Express
 Pandemonium 2
 Pandora: First Contact
 Pandora's Box
 Pang Adventures
 Pantsu Hunter: Back to the ...
 Panty Party
 Panza Kick Boxing
 Panzer Corps
 Panzer Corps 2
 Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps
 Panzer Dragoon
 Panzer Elite
 Panzer General
 Panzer General 2
 Panzer General 3D Assault
 Panzer Killer
 Panzer Knights
 Panzer Panic VR
 Panzer Strategy
 Panzer Tactics HD
 Panzer Warfare
 Papa's Freezeria
 Paper Dolls 2
 Paper Dungeons
 Paper Flight - Super Speed ...
 Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM
 Paper Sorcerer
 Paper Train Traffic
 Papers, Please
 Papo & Yo
 Paradise Beach 2
 Paradise Island - VR MMO
 Paragon: The Overprime
 Parallax Effect, The
 Paranautical Activity
 Paranoia: Happiness is Mand...
 Paranormal Pursuit: The Gif...
 Paranormal State: Poison Sp...
 Paranormal Teens
 Paris-Dakar Rally
 Park Beyond
 Park Soccer
 Park, The
 Parkan: Iron Strategy
 Particle Fleet: Emergence
 Particle Mace
 Party Golf
 Party Hard
 Party Hard 2
 Party Hard Tycoon
 Party of Sin
 Party Panic
 Passage 4
 Past Cure
 Pastelia Stories
 Pastry Lovers
 Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters
 Path of Exile
 Path of Giants
 Path of Sacrifice
 Path of War
 Path To Mnemosyne
 Pathfinder Adventures
 Pathfinder: Kingmaker
 Pathfinder: Wrath of the Ri...
 Pathfinders: Memories
 Pathologic 2
 Pato Box
 Patrician 2
 Patrician 3: Rise of the Ha...
 Patrician IV
 Patriots: A Nation Under Fi...
 Pavel Quest
 PAW Patrol: Grand Prix
 Pawn of the Dead
 Paws & Claws Pet Vet
 Paws: A Shelter 2 Game
 Pax Corpus
 Pax Imperia
 Pax Nova
 Pax Romana
 Payday 2
 Payday: The Heist
 PBA Pro Bowling
 PBA Pro Bowling 2021
 PBA Pro Bowling 2023
 PC Building Simulator
 Peace, Death!
 Peace, Death! 2
 Peak Angle: Drift Online
 Pearl Harbor: Defend the Fl...
 Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour
 Pedestrian, The
 Pegasus: Broken Wings
 Peggle Deluxe
 Peggle Extreme
 Peggle Nights
 Pendragon Rising
 Penguin Racers
 Penguins Arena
 Penny Arcade Adventures: Ep...
 Pennzoil: World of Outlaws
 Penumbra: Black Plague
 Penumbra: Requiem
 People Eater
 People's General
 Per Aspera
 Perfect Chessmate
 Perfect Golf
 Perfect Weapon
 Perilous Warp
 Perils of Man, The
 Perimeter 2: New Earth
 Perimeter: Emperor's Testam...
 Persistence, The
 Persona 4 Golden
 Persona 5 Strikers
 Personal Rocket
 Pet Society
 Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital...
 Pete Sampras Tennis 97
 Pets at Work
 Petz: Catz 2
 Petz: Dogz 2
 Petz: Horsez 2
 PewDiePie: Legend Of The Br...
 PGA Championship Golf 1999 ...
 PGA Tour 2K23
 Phantasmagoria 2
 Phantasy Star Online: Blue ...
 Phantasy Star Universe
 Phantasy Star Universe: Amb...
 Phantom Abyss
 Phantom Breaker: Battle Gro...
 Phantom Breaker: Omnia
 Phantom Brigade
 Phantom Doctrine
 Phantom of Inferno
 Phantom Signal
 Pharaoh Rebirth+
 Pharaoh: Cleopatra
 Pharaoh's Revenge
 Pharoah's Ascent
 Pharoah's Tomb
 Pheasant Hunt Challenge
 Phelios Little Soldiers
 Phelios Swap
 Phoenix Point
 Phoning Home
 Photon Flux
 Phrase Shift
 Piano, The
 Pickup Express
 Picross Fairytale
 Piece of Wonder
 Pierhead Arcade
 Pigeon Fight
 Pigeons Attack
 Pilam Sky
 Pile Up
 Pill Cosbi
 Pillars of Eternity
 Pillars of Eternity II: Dea...
 Pilot Sports
 Pimiko Plus
 Pimp Tight
 Pinball Arcade, The
 Pinball Fantasies Deluxe
 Pinball FX 2
 Pinball FX3
 Pinball Illusions
 Pinball Soccer Stars
 Pinball Wicked
 Pinball: Deep Blue
 Pinch Hitter 2
 Pine Seekers
 Pineview Drive
 Pink Panther
 Pink Rage Otome
 Pinku Kult Hex Mortis
 Pipe Dream
 Pipe Line
 Pipe Mania
 Pipe Push Paradise
 Pipes Racer
 Pippa Funnell: The Stud Far...
 Pirate Plague of the Dead, ...
 Pirates of Black Cove
 Pirates of First Star
 Pirates Of The Caribbean
 Pirates of the Caribbean On...
 Pirates of the Caribbean: A...
 Pirates of the Caribbean: L...
 Pirates of Treasure Island
 Pirates Outlaws
 Pirates Plunder
 Pirates, Vikings, and Knigh...
 Pit People
 Pitfall: The Lost Expeditio...
 Pitfall: The Mayan Adventur...
 Pity Pit
 Pivot Pilot
 Pixel Artist
 Pixel Boy and the Ever Expa...
 Pixel Cube BreakJack
 Pixel Cube PokerBreak
 Pixel Cup Soccer 17
 Pixel Gear
 Pixel Piracy
 Pixel Privateers
 Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime
 Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds
 Pixel Puzzles Ultimate
 Pixel Puzzles: Japan
 Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ
 Pixel Shield
 Pixel Shopkeeper
 Pixel Star
 Pixel Traffic: Circle Rush
 Pixel Traffic: Risky Bridge...
 PixelJunk Eden
 PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimat...
 Pizza Connection 2
 Pizza Connection 3
 Pizza Express
 Pizza Syndicate
 PJ Masks: Heroes of the Nig...
 Placebo Effect
 Plain Sight
 Planar Conquest
 Plane Effect, The
 Planescape: Torment
 Planet Busters
 Planet Coaster
 Planet Crafter, The
 Planet Explorers
 Planet Nomads
 Planet of the Apes
 Planet Stronghold
 Planet Zoo
 Planetarian: The Reverie Of...
 Planetary Annihilation
 Planetary Annihilation: Tit...
 Planetary Dustoff
 Planets Under Attack
 Plant Revenge
 Plant Tycoon
 Plants vs Zombies: Battle f...
 Plants vs Zombies: Garden W...
 Plants vs. Zombies
 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden ...
 Plasma Worm
 Platform Racing 2
 Platoon (1987)
 Platoon (2002)
 Platypus 2
 Playboy: The Mansion
 Player Manager '99
 Please Knock on My Door
 Please, Don't Touch Anythin...
 Plexarium: Mega Maze Crawle...
 Plunder Dungeons
 Plunder Panic
 Pneuma: Breath of Life
 Pocket Kingdom
 Pocket League Story
 Pocket Tanks
 Pocket Witch
 Pockie Ninja
 Podium Bash
 Point Connect 3
 Point Connect 4
 Point Perfect
 Pokemon Indigo
 Poker Night 2
 Poker Night At The Inventor...
 Poker Superstars
 Poker Superstars 2
 PokerStars VR
 Polandball: Can into Space
 Polar Express, The
 Polar Golfer
 Polaris Rebellion
 Police Quest 6
 Police Quest Swat
 Police Quest Swat 2
 Police Quest: Open Season
 Police Shootout
 Police Simulator: Patrol Du...
 Police Simulator: Patrol Of...
 Police Stories
 Police Tactics: Imperio
 Political Animals
 Political Machine 2012, The...
 Political Machine, The
 Political Tycoon
 Poltergeist: A Pixelated Ho...
 Poly Bridge
 Polygon Attack
 Polynomial: Space Of The Mu...
 Pong Kombat
 Pony Island
 Pool Nation
 Pool Nation FX
 Pool Of Radiance: Ruins Of ...
 Populous II: Trials of the ...
 Populous: The Beginning
 Popup Dungeon
 Porradaria 2: Pagode of the...
 Porradaria Upgrade
 Port Royale
 Port Royale 2
 Port Royale 3: Pirates and ...
 Port Royale 4
 Portal 2
 Portal Knights
 Portal of Evil: Stolen Rune...
 Portal Stories: Mel
 Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
 Postal 2
 Postal 2: Apocalypse Weeken...
 Postal 2: Share the Pain
 Postal 3
 Postal 4
 POSTAL 4: No Regerts
 Postal III
 Postal: Classic and Uncut
 Pot Farmer
 Potatoman Seeks The Troof
 Potion Craft: Alchemist Sim...
 Potion Permit
 Pound of Ground
 Powder Game
 Power & Revolution
 Power Ball 2022
 Power Boat
 Power Chess
 Power Hover
 Power of Defense
 Power of Destruction
 Power of Love
 Power Rangers: Battle for t...
 Power to the People
 Powerpuff Girls: Defenders ...
 PowerSlave Exhumed
 PowerWash Simulator
 Pozzo Jello Crusade
 Praetorians - HD Remaster
 Praey for the Gods
 Prank TV
 Pray for Death
 Pre-Civilization Marble Age...
 Precursors, The
 Predynastic Egypt
 Prehistoric 2
 Premier Manager 2004/2005
 Premier Manager 3
 Premier Manager '97
 Premier Manager '98
 Premier Manager '99
 Premium Pool Arena
 Press X to Not Die
 Press Your Luck 2010 Editio...
 Pressure Drop
 Pressure Overdrive
 Pretty Girls Panic!
 PREY (2017)
 Price is Right, The
 Price of Power
 Pride and Prejudice: Blood ...
 Primal Carnage
 Primal Carnage: Extinction
 Primal Fears
 Primal Prey
 Primal Rage
 Prime World: Defenders
 Prime World: Defenders 2
 Prince of Persia
 Prince of Persia 2
 Prince of Persia 3D
 Prince of Persia The Two Th...
 Prince of Persia: Sands of ...
 Prince of Persia: The Forgo...
 Prince of Persia: Warrior W...
 Prince of Qin
 Princess Battles
 Princess Farmer
 Princess' Heart, The
 Princess Maker 5
 Princess Maker Refine
 Princess Waltz
 Prison Architect
 Prison Simulator
 Prison Tycoon 2: Maximum Se...
 Prison Tycoon 3: Lockdown
 Prison Tycoon 4: SuperMax
 Prison Tycoon: Under New Ma...
 Prisoner of Ice
 PristonTale 2 The Second En...
 Privateer 2
 Prizma Puzzle Prime
 Pro Bass Fishing
 Pro Bull Riders: Out of the...
 Pro Cycling Manager
 Pro Cycling Manager 2006
 Pro Cycling Manager 2007
 Pro Cycling Manager 2008
 Pro Cycling Manager 2009
 Pro Cycling Manager 2017
 Pro Cycling Manager 2018
 Pro Cycling Manager 2019
 Pro Cycling Manager 2022
 Pro Cycling Manager Season ...
 Pro Cycling Manager Season ...
 Pro Cycling Manager Season ...
 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
 Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
 Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
 Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
 Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
 Pro Evolution Soccer 3
 Pro Evolution Soccer 4
 Pro Evolution Soccer 6
 Pro Gymnast
 Pro Rally 2001
 Pro Rugby Manager 2015
 Pro Shuffleboard Challenge ...
 Probably Archery
 Production Line
 Professional Construction: ...
 Professional Farmer 2017
 Professional Farmer: Americ...
 Professionals 3, The
 Professor Heinz Wolff's Gra...
 Progress Bar Simulator
 Project Aftermath
 Project CARS
 Project CARS 2
 Project Downfall
 Project Eden
 Project Explore
 Project Green Beat
 Project Highrise
 Project Hospital
 Project IGI
 Project IGI 2
 Project Lazarus
 Project Nimbus
 Project Nomads
 Project Powder
 Project Root
 Project Scissors: NightCry
 Project Temporality
 Project Torque
 Project Warlock
 Project Warlock II
 Project Wunderwaffe
 Project: Snowblind
 Prominence Poker
 Prop and Seek
 Prophecy of A Viking Child
 Prophecy, The
 Prototype 2
 Proxy Blade Zero
 Proxy: Ultimate Hacker
 Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Consp...
 Psy High
 Psychic Detective
 Psychic Force 2012
 Psycho Waluigi
 Psychonauts 2
 PT Boats: Knights of the Se...
 Puffys Saga
 PULSAR: Lost Colony
 Pummel Party
 Pump It Up!
 Pumpkin Days
 Pumpkin Jack
 Punisher, The
 Punk Wars
 PuppetShow: Bloody Rosie
 PuppetShow: Her Cruel Colle...
 Puppies vs Undead
 Pure Farming 2018
 Pure Holdem
 Pure Pinball
 Purrfect Date
 Pursuit Of Justice
 Push Me Pull You
 Puyo Pop Fever
 Puyo Puyo Tetris
 Puzzle Agent
 Puzzle Agent 2
 Puzzle Chronicles
 Puzzle Dimension
 Puzzle Pirates
 Puzzle Puppers
 Puzzle Quest 2
 Puzzle Quest 3
 Puzzle Quest: Challenge of ...
 Puzzle Quest: Galactrix
 Puzzler World